The main asset of any company/organization is its people.


BKAsiaPacific provides Training and Professional Development of its own personnel and those of its clients through BK SURCO Training.


Training at Expert Level

BK SURCO Training has access to tutors who are experts in their own particular fields. Whilst this expertise is predominantly in the field of commercial and contract management and administration of construction projects, it also covers planning and programming, safety and environmental issues, legal and regulatory requirements, dispute resolution and other matters which those involved in the management, supervision and administration of construction projects should have knowledge about. All training workshops and seminars are delivered and supervised by experienced tutors, most of whom have worked as part of the construction team on site and have gained senior positions in consultancy or contracting organizations and some of whom are qualified construction lawyers.


In-house Training

BK SURCO Training has a portfolio of more than 30 separate training workshops designed to increase the commercial competency of construction professionals such as project managers, civil, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors, planners and estimators.


Public Courses

BK SURCO Training operates a flexible calendar that includes a number of public courses. These courses, as long as there is sufficient support for each topic, are scheduled on demand and delivered on a regular basis.


Training Advice and Structured Programmes

BK SURCO Training specializes in advising employers on the provision of early and mid career commercial competencies. Whilst this training is essentially to serve the business needs of any particular organization, it also supports appropriate professional development schemes approved by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES).


Approved Development Scheme

CICES Approved Development Schemes (ADS) offer experience in a range of core subjects in order to acquire the necessary skills appropriate to a qualified civil engineering surveyor. The benefits of these schemes are that they enable employers to recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees. For employees the benefit is that they are assured of receiving training and development through appropriate experience to complement their knowledge to ensure that they develop their roles quickly and efficiently thereby maximizing their potential in their chosen careers.