The intention of this Preparatory Course is to prepare delegates for attending the 4 days classroom training.

The Preparatory Course comprises online reading material ‘Summary of NEC’ to familiarize course delegates with the NEC ECC contract. Once the pre-reading has been completed delegates are required to complete a multiple-choice assessment comprising 20 questions, to be completed within 60 minutes.

Delegates can access the Preparatory Course material immediately after payment has been confirmed. Delegates may have 3 attempts to achieve an assessment pass mark of at least 50% before the first day of the classroom training. Satisfactory completion of this stage is a pre-requisite for proceeding to Stage 2.   

The expected time required to complete this stage is 4 hours.

Delegates who pass the assessment will receive an online certificate, which may be used for CPD purposes.

The course will be discontinued for delegates who fail to pass the assessment after 3 attempts. In this case, delegates can either apply for 70% refund or enroll on the BK SURCO training course 'Introduction to NEC Contracts' (if available) to prepare themselves for attending the 4 days Classroom Training in Stage 2.